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Fixed Inner Consciousness

by Norman P. Grubb

July-Aug 1981 Union Life Magazine

Q. Explain the term “fixed inner consciousness.” Doesn’t this have to be experienced on the soul (mind and emotion) level? Is this an experience common only to union-lifers, or was this the basic experience of many deeper-life exponents?

A. Fixed inner consciousness is a condition of spirit, not of soul (reason or emotion). Consciousness is knowing something. “Knowing” in Bible terms means “being mixed with the thing we know.” (That is why the word “know” is used when speaking of sexual intercourse in Genesis 4:1, etc.)

Such “knowing’ is possible for the human spirit on a human or temporal level. Thus, a competent professional man “knows” his profession and can operate at ease in it. He has a “fixed inner consciousness” of his profession.

But the true knowing (fixed inner consciousness) is a Holy Spirit’s knowing, in the same way in which the Trinity—Father, Son and Holy Spirit—know each other in a fixed consciousness. We, the redeemed, enter into this in seed form when “the Spirit bears witness with out spirit that we are the children of God.”

Then when we come into an inner knowing of our union with Him “He that is joined to the Lord is one spirit”), confirmed by His inner knowing in us, we come to a more mature form of eternal fixed consciousness. In time we learn to discern between soul and spirit, and no longer confuse emotional disturbances or rational questionings for the stillness of the fixed spirit-knowing (which is really “being”). For “we know” that “we know” that “we know”—which was John’s final emphasis in his great first epistle (1 Jn. 5:18-20).

From there we move on to inner knowing in the outer confrontations of life. As we see through to Him in all things, we enter into those knowings of faith that he is certainly doing this or that against all outer appearances. We “call the things that be not as though they are” (Rom. 4:17). This is the “father” form of fixed inner consciousness.

Such “knowing”, which is the inner fixed fact of our spirit-being, is called by Jesus, “eternal life” (see John 17:3). This is on another dimension than rational thinking; and is (whether in seed or full-growth form) the realized fact in everyone born of the spirit.