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The Exchanged Life

by Norman P. Grubb

Many Victorious Life teachers give a good dishful of Gal.2:20, and many are blessed, but I always knew from the first ‘revelation’ in Congo in 1924 that there was something radical about the “I am crucified” part of our great Gal. 2:20, and I saw but couldn’t put it in clear form, and almost spoke as if we are Christ! So my earlier writings had not got it FULLY CLEAR THAT THE “exchanged life” is not exchanging Christ for self, which is the ‘normal’ teaching, but exchanging Christ for SATAN, and this beautiful created self BUT ONLY AS CONTAINER AND CHOOSER (John 7:17), and then ALL THE REST IS HE, HE, HE, but starting with the false “He” - that VAST, VAST LIE which has “drowned” still most of even the redeemed!