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Saviourhood Shared With Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

When Jesus has His body in right relationship He forgets His body except to give us occasional food and clothing—that’s all. And then He uses it, and then He burns it up, and then He consumes it. And out of His body via the Head comes the saving purposes of God and the saving grace of God. That’s the pattern. So you see the tragedy with the church of Jesus Christ is that millions of churches—I won’t exaggerate and say thousands—don’t even get beyond the salvation stage. There are thousands of churches that have never heard anything more than salvation. There are a few churches which have heard of sanctification, but there aren’t many churches that have forgotten sanctification and have gone on to the saving stage—mighty few.

So you see, we are only in babies’ clothes when we are in sanctification, or, at least, only in young manhood. We haven’t begun to grow our beards yet, to become men. We’re only at the half-way stage. We are in the full stage when we have clean forgotten ourselves because there is automatic salvation going on. We have an automatic Saviour Who automatically feeds us with His automatic Bread and automatic wine; and He is a well of water that springs up to everlasting life. He’s the Heavenly Bread. He’s the wisdom and the power and the sanctification and the redemption from God. He’s automatically all that in me and so we just live united and now we go on with our purposes together. That’s the aim.

So let us centre our thoughts for a little around Him in that aspect. It is tremendous. Can He be in me? Can He be in you exactly what He really is? Now I suggest to you that in God’s Word there is one glorious book which centres our thoughts on Him alone in a peculiar sense. It stands out like a great mountain peak, and that, of course, is the letter to the Hebrews where we get the glorious Saviour, the glorious One, revealed to us. And I want to cast our minds around that a little.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”