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Saviourhood Shared With Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

Now we see Him in the third phase. And, brothers and sisters, weíll understand thatís tremendous; that He is really here in you and me to be Himself; thatís why He is hereóto be simply Himself. Christ liveth in me. What is He? Heís a Saviour. Heís a Saviour! Not a Saviour just of this bit of rubbish here but a Saviour of something much more important than that, a Saviour of lost souls all over the world. Heís a Saviour.

So if Heís free in me, He shares His Saviourhood with me. He shares His saving outlook, His saving compassion, His saving actsóthatís something! Thatís something! Thatís the final end and the highest summit to which He can take fallen man on earth. Whether or not thereís something more in glory we donít know. Thatís why we are told we can be kings and priests unto God as Iíll explain in a moment. And so you understand that, if that Person is really free in you, He must make you a saviour and He must make me, if Heís really free, because thatís His nature. Itís His nature. And if Heís free in me, Heíll be Himself, thatís all. And Heís always a Saviour. Heís Eternal Self-love. Eternal Self-giving. Eternal pity of others. Eternal Self-outpouring through His Precious Blood. Heís therefore that in me. He canít be anything else.

So I cannot say I have a healthy Christ in me unless I have a saving Christ in me. Not just one who saves me, but One who saves others. And that again is the whole significance of that relationship between Head and body. I had mentioned this previously to you, although not quite in this connection. The whole point of head and body is that if your body is the right temperature, if itís in right relationship, you forget about it except to feed and clothe it occasionally. Mostly far too much! Thatís a mere detail. All you are doing is giving your body sufficient to keep it going, but your mind and attention donít centre around your body: your objective in having it is to use it, and all you are doing is draining out your body, using your mind, using your tongue, using your hands, using your feetóyou forget you have a body except, as I say, to feed it and to clothe it. Thatís all. And you just use it. The whole emphasis of life is forgetting the body and using it, using it, using it. Weíre His body. We are His body! The attention of Christ isnít to be occupied by simply picking up His body and patting it on the back and stroking down all its cares and worriesóHis object is to forget His body and use it. Probably He has to spend most of His time patting His body on the back and brushing its hair and cleaning its teeth, and has not any time left for using it for somebody else. Thatís why we have to get out of the sanctification level and forget all about it and be as automatically sanctified as we are automatically saved and then get on saving others.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďSaviourhoodĒ