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Inner Union With Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

And so we found that to be the simple living key to these possibilities, these potentialities, that we can be saved because we have a Saviour coming into us with His Precious Blood blotting out the past, and imparting to us the first touch of His own Self which is eternal life. He is the eternal life. So it’s revealed in us. And then we see Him in our sanctification replacing the independent self.

And so He now begins to live His full life in us, His liberated life. Somebody asked a day or two ago, “What do you mean by a liberated Christ?” I mean a Christ free to be Himself. The trouble Christ has is that He can’t be Himself in me because I tie Him up. When I have untied Him by getting crucified with Christ, then He can be His free Self. He begins to be free in me then, and begins to be able to be Himself in me, be His own holiness, His own love, His own meekness, His own purity, His own vision, His own power, His own passion; be Himself and express Himself in these different ways in me. He can live His purity, power, passion and compassion, love, faithfulness, and so on, through the agent, through the channel, through my faculties. His believing comes through my believing faculty. His love comes through my loving faculty, His deeds through my body, His words through my speaking faculty, His thoughts through my mental faculties, and so on.

So there’s union, a hidden union and junction taken place. So I simply and naturally think thoughts, yet they are not really my thoughts at all; they are God’s thoughts. I simply speak words; they are not my words at all; they are God’s words; and so on all down the line. And so we saw Him as that.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”