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Inner Union With Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

Now passing on from that, let us ask this question which has been answered all this week, “What is the secret of eternity?” What is the secret of life by which such a thing is possible for fallen humanity? How does it become possible that a common human creature can be saved, be sanctified and be being sanctified, and be being in the saviourhood? How is it possible? And we found a wonderful answer, didn’t we, in the inner union for which we are created. The inner union for which we are created.

And we found that we could not enter back into that union which we have lost until that which hinders it is removed. And that which hinders it is the independent self—the self-governing, self-seeking, self-acting, self-sufficient self . . . what we commonly call “the ego.” Although the ego in its right sense is a right thing, of course, it’s only in its independent sense that it is a wrong thing. And therefore there had to be all the processes of grace through the cross and the resurrection to remove from us the independent quality of the self that I may be able to say, “that Norman Grubb is crucified with Christ.” The Norman Grubb that is resurrected is a mighty little one. Not that independent, proud, self-sufficient, one—that one was crucified with Christ. Nevertheless I live; yes the other one lives but it has found the real place for which it was created and recreated. A mighty little cipher. And in that mighty little cipher lives the Ego, the I Am, the Self of all selves. Christ Himself. That is the meaning of eternal life. It is the secret of eternity. Because that’s what life is. Life is three people living in each other. God the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. And we are introduced into that life in Christ.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”