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Salvation, Sanctification, Saviourhood

by Norman P. Grubb

We’re entering into the saviourhood phase of experience. I take that to be a fairly fair interpretation of it. I did mention to you that in a number of other Scriptures you see that same threefold emphasis. I gave it to you quite clearly from Paul’s own testimony in Galatians, where he speaks about the Son being revealed in him—that is, at regeneration. Christ living in him, at the time that he recognized himself crucified with Christ—that’s his sanctification. And then Christ mighty in him toward others—that’s his saviourhood. You have the same thought from another angle to which we may refer a little later on today. It says, in Ephesians 2, that we are joined in Christ in being quickened and raised and seated; the “quickening” being the salvation, the “raising” being the sanctification, and the ascended life—the “seated” life—being saviourhood.

You get it very remarkably again in the three divisions of Romans 9 to which I will refer a little later. So far we’ve openly referred to two. Romans 5, Salvation; Romans 6 to 8, Sanctification; Romans 9 onwards, Saviourhood. So those are just some indications in Scripture that I speak seriously when I say it isn’t an artificial division, but it is a genuine division in the mind of the Spirit, and is meant to enter into our experience. We’re to be related to Christ in the Holy Ghost in three stages or phases: in salvation, in sanctification, and in saviourhood.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”