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Principles and Practices

by Norman P. Grubb

Now my own calling during this week has been somewhat along the line of principles. There are principles in God’s Word and there are practices. Both, of course, in the perfect balance of the Scripture, are absolutely necessary. The practices must issue out of the principles. But the principles must result in the practices. So both are essential. And to my mind again, one of the blessings of this conference has been that, without one word of consultation or advice or anything else, God has perfectly dovetailed us in together. And, in the main, He has given Brother Thompson that steady burden where he’s brought us right down to earth in the practicing of the holy life, and the practicing of the life of zeal and evangelism which brings glory to God. Whereas I have been led to deal more with the background principles which produce the practices. So it’s gone step by step all through this conference. The messages have just dovetailed into one whole. And that’s without one word of consultation between us. I thank God for that.

You may remember that from the beginning I pointed out, and it seems to me to be quite clear from Scripture, that there are three stages in our experience in Christ. That is, He manifests Himself to us in our experience of Him in three ways. Three specifically clear ways, in three forms of manifestations. I believe that that is fair to Scripture. And of course that means it has to be an actual experience and become a working experience in our lives.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”