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by Norman P. Grubb

As for Paul, think of this. Paul cried out, “God, if you don’t save Israel, separate me, curse me! Curse me! I’d rather be cursed with those people than that my people be lost.” What did God give him? God gave him the only revelation in Scripture of the final salvation of the Jews. And God gave him two wonderful things. He gave him the purpose of worldwide evangelization so that the greatest, greatest paragraph ever used for missionary work is the paragraph in Romans 10:14 about, “. . . how shall they hear without a preacher?” He gave him the vision of the purpose of God for this generation—to get the gospel to the whole world that the church might be gathered in. Then he said, “Then all Israel shall be saved.” He had them. That man’s intercession and faith got Israel the same as Moses’ intercession and faith got the old Israel. That’s it.

Now there you see the intercessor in action. That is to say, the Person inside you is the Intercessor. You see Him in action. Thank God He put some of that in you, too. And He put it in me. Thank God you have some of that holy purpose. That is God, not you. You haven’t a scrap in you. You are no good. I’ll tell you that. But there is somebody inside me who is some good. Thank His blessed Name!

And so one thing I say as we close, “Thank God it is all of grace.” It is not that salvation and sanctification or grace and saviourhood is works. No! It is all of grace. And the only way in which I can be a fellow worker, a fellow labourer, a fellow saviour with that One is insofar as He lives out His Saviourhood in me. Therefore, I haven’t to strain. I’ve to give myself. I’m to recognize and give myself to Him and He will work it out. He will put in me that sense of holy commission. He will put in me that call to identification. You have gone a long way already in giving up all your own life and identifying yourself in learning language. You have gone part way. He will carry it on in you. He will show you somehow the finality of a death where, somehow, you can consummate in your ministry a dying out for the people, and He’ll give you authority on the way; no authority now—but increasing authority; authority which produces the harvest. That’s this blessed One in us in His fullness. He is the King and Priest sharing with us His kingship and priesthood. May God make that indeed true of many of you here in Japan now, and as the years go by, for a glory to His Name in a living Church in this country. May God bless you.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”