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Knowing the Will of God

by Norman P. Grubb

There’s a great secret there. It involves certain points which, I say, I haven’t time to examine this morning. One is, knowing the will of God. I think the main reason why we’re snagged in using authority is that the question arises, “Have we a right to?” You’ll find the key to the will of God in the Union—in the Union. You won’t find the key to the will of God in the text of the Bible. You find it in the inner Union. You find it where the Word of God abides in you. Why? Because, if you understand the inner union, you understand that you have a Person within you who is purposing certain things. He’s willing certain things. He’s speaking certain things. He’s desiring certain things. Now if you live by nature in that union, He puts those thoughts into you.

Therefore, the normal way I live is this: the next thing I see, I take—that’s all. Because I see with God’s eyes. The next thing I want, I receive, because I want what God wants. That’s the union, you see. I don’t spend two or three hours saying to God, “May I do this?” or “May I do that?” I don’t believe God’s a smacker-on-the-head. I don’t believe He sits up there to smack me on the head every time I ask for things and says, “Naughty boy, you shouldn’t have asked.” I don’t believe that God is like that. I believe in a God Who giveth all things richly to enjoy, a God with whom there is no variableness or shadow or turning. The Father of Lights. And that One Who’s joined Himself to me says to me, “Here. I’ve plenty. Take of it. Now come on, help yourself—come on, come on. Get it and apply it to the needs.”

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood”