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A Royal Priesthood

by Norman P. Grubb

I must put a few last heresies in before I go. Give me one chance. Surely there is something in it. I may overstate those things because you do overstate those things in saying them. But there’s something in it, brothers and sisters, there’s something in it. Don’t be a professional. I’m under a holy commission. No man took this honor unto himself, but those who are called of God. Have you been called of God? Well, you’re called of God. Then see you don’t come back from it until God tells you to come back. And I hope somehow for some of you young missionaries here, I hope somehow your constitutions can be moulded to give real liberty to the individual. I truthfully say that, in our own mission, we are seeking that all the time. In my position as secretary, I feel that it’s one of my jobs to watch that. Are we giving real liberty to the individual? Can our individuals all over the world really say, “Yes, what God tells me to say, I can say. And what God tells me to do, I can do. And where God tells me to go, I can go.” It’s by far the best thing to let people do that because if you let them go and they’re wrong, they get the bumps and you don’t. It’s quite all right. You just sit by and watch and then say, “There you are, I told you so, brother.” It’s far the best way. It’s far the best way to run a mission—to do nothing about it and everybody do what they like and then they get their bumps. That’s the way to run a mission, I assure you from experience. That’s a fact. I’m talking facts. Praise the Lord!

And, brothers and sisters, somehow or other we’ve to impart a holy calling to our Japanese brethren with whom we’re connected. But you won’t do that unless you’re free yourself. It’s that spirit of freedom by which you’ve seen these things in the Spirit. And although you are in a fellowship, and you’re loyal to that fellowship, yet somehow also there’s a holy freedom about you, a holy following of the commission you’re given, cost what it may, and however long it takes. You impart what you are. You never impart what you say. You impart what you are. If you are that, you’ll also be able to produce around you brothers and sisters among the Japanese as there have been in the past days. Of course I’m just talking about the new generation who also can have that in them—that they’re commissioned of God, they’re paid of God, and they’re called of God. I am positive from my experience of the past year that the hope of new nations is their independent evangelism, church builders, and so on. The marked men I’ve seen in Indonesia, India, Thailand, and Pakistan have been the men, the nationals who are shut in with God, and go through with God, and build with God. It may be that they take a little extreme form because it’s a reaction to some extent. They’re breaking through to follow God. There’s got to be that. It has arisen in America. That’s what has given the chance to America today. You are free because your fathers broke away from ecclesiastical domination and fully followed the promptings of the Spirit. It once arose in sleepy old England until we went to sleep, that liberation—we must keep that. That’s part of the holy calling.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Saviourhood