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Present Tense Perfection

by Norman P. Grubb

Take fear. You know, in some of these things our trouble is what we don’t recognize then as sin. Fear is one, and yet lots of our fear is sheer unbelief. I had a little lesson of that which I learned sometime ago. I’ve always had an intense dislike of traveling in airplanes. I only do it when in certain circumstances I feel compelled to. The reason is that four wheels on earth are safe but four propellers in the air aren’t always safe. Not the last time (for The Lord has been delivering me recently), but about half a dozen times ago when I was traveling in an airplane and was feeling like that, The Lord spoke to me. He said, “You’ve got a sin; you’re fearing this thing and wondering which propeller will stop first. What about it?” Well now, you see, you can’t help being assaulted by these things, but you can help taking them in; you can’t help the physical assault of fear but you can help taking it in. Well, of course, the remedy is quite simple in that case. The Lord said to me this: “In which are you traveling? Are you traveling in my will or in an airplane?” Well, I didn’t dare say I wasn’t traveling in His will or it might have crashed, so I had to admit that one! So I said, “In your Will.” Then He said, “Well isn’t My Will perfect?” And He said, “If it does crash to earth, well, that’s My Will so isn’t that the quickest way to what you are waiting for—face to face?” Praise The Lord! I came through. I’ve got to walk in it. When I travel tomorrow I shall have to sit it out again, I expect, but I’ll get through by the grace of God.

So you see fear. But I want to tell you this, brothers and sisters, you can go on in these things for years undelivered. Now I know that for this reason: I had a strange experience in which I was in bondage quite recently, during the last world war, after I had been a missionary and missionary secretary for many years. I was in real bondage for whole hours at a time—if not days—through the bombing. Now I was in World War I and had my normal share of shelling and stuff. We’d didn’t have much bombing in those days, but all that kind of thing. And you can always make excuses out of the past—your old body is a wonderful good excuse for escaping all sorts of things. But it doesn’t give the deliverance of the Blood; it doesn’t give us that one. When I came to World War II, I was in London through the bombing. Now as you know the bombing in London was pretty severe, and in the early days they continued all night. At night time when it was dark from 6 p.m. till 6 a.m., the Germans would come over all night sometimes. I never had a peaceful hour. It really affected me. Just fear. I was always wondering if the next bomb would hit on me, and what it would feel like to be buried alive, and all these things. And I lived in that, and I made a good excuse: “Oh, it’s my nerves from the First World War.” A wonderful excuse. And I lived in that and had no freedom. I finished the war like that—never got any freedom.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Daily Walk in the Spirit”