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Present Tense Perfection

by Norman P. Grubb

I know how to walk with Jesus. Well, it is my own fault if I don’t, and He’ll hold me accountable, quite rightly so, because I know how to walk. I didn’t know how to walk until I knew my Galatians 2:20 relationship; but I know now. Therefore, I’ve no business not to walk; I’ve got to walk. Sure I have—those old demons will see to it! I’ve got to walk or they will be shooting their arrows in at me. I’m not going to go into that today but I believe that I can prove from Scripture that all sin is spirit, because all goodness is spirit. The only love we have is the Spirit of love. He, He’s the Spirit of Love. The only faith you’ve got is the spirit of faith. Paul called it “having the spirit of faith.” All evil is spirit too. It is “the spirit of bondage again to fear,” “the spirit that now walketh in the children of disobedience,” and so on. That’s what sin is. It’s the spiritual thing. However, that’s another point by the way.

Now I’m saying that the simplicity of I John 1 is that it tells us how that rest can be lived. How can I live in invincible faith? How can I live in continued holiness? How can I live in perfect love? By living step by step in chapter 1. Chapter 1 says that you are walking with a Person who is gentle Light. He’s gentle, hot, fierce light. He’s light, but light is a very gentle thing, very gentle. It doesn’t push me or burn me, or shout at me; it just shines. It only calls on me to do one thing and that is to respond honestly to it; that’s all. Thus Paul says, “Whatsoever doth make manifest is light.” Therefore, as I have often said in other talks, that’s all light does. If I come into a hall like this in the dark, I’m not responsible to discern between thing and thing. Supposing I come into this hall in the darkness, having never been here before. I can kick that piano and call it a desk and you can’t hold me responsible because I can’t tell the difference between a piano and a desk in darkness. The one thing light does is to hold me responsible. It holds me responsible to say to you, “This is a desk,” and not call it a piano. That’s all. It’s perfectly simple, but it’s gentle; it doesn’t force me. It just says, “Now be honest and don’t be foolish. Call a thing what it is; don’t call it what it isn’t.” But that’s what we are always trying to do. We don’t like to admit sin so we call it what it isn’t. And that’s all light does. We walk with One Who is gentle Light, but He is Light, pure Light, pure Light. Therefore as we walk in Him, He gently but firmly shows us ourselves as we are. And when the arrows of pride or anger or lust or resentment or murmuring come in, He says, “There it is. You’ve got sin. Don’t deceive yourselves—you were murmuring. You’ve got a heavy heart because you were murmuring. You’ve got a heavy heart because you were annoyed with somebody. You’re thinking well of yourself ; you’ve got a proud heart. You’ve been having a lustful thought in there. Now don’t deceive yourself—face it!”

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Daily Walk in the Spirit”