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Eternal Life is to Live Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

(a) Life of Invincible Faith

It’s invincible faith. You will find the first section on faith is the last paragraph in chapter 2. The second section on faith in the third paragraph of chapter 4, and the last section on faith is the first paragraph in chapter 5. We can’t go into those in detail. It heads up in the last one where he says, “This is the faith that overcomes the world.” That’s the invincible faith. Perfect faith. Really, I John is perfect faith, perfect holiness, perfect love.
Actually, John only uses the word “perfect” in connection with love. It’s the other writers who use the word “perfect” in connection with faith. James uses it about faith, and Paul uses it about holiness.

(b) Life of Continual Holiness

Then there are the three sections on holiness, the highest in the whole Bible. The first chapter which we are going to discuss is continued holiness. The first paragraph of the third chapter is the heart of holiness, and the last paragraph of the last chapter is holiness. So we’ve got the three passages on holiness, each pointing out some special aspect.

(c) Life of Perfect Love

And, finally and supremely, you’ve got the Apostle John on perfect love, the golden verses of the Bible. The first paragraph is in the middle of the second chapter, about the 8th verse of the second chapter. The second paragraph is about the middle of the third chapter, where he talked about Cain, and so few things around there.

And then the third paragraph is the greatest paragraph pen has ever written. There has never been a paragraph like it, never been a revelation like it, the depths are just beyond us. That is in the middle of the fourth chapter, where he says twice over, “God is love”—the profoundest statement ever made. And he says in another part of the statement (4:16), “He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him.” What a statement. There again I’ve circled round and round that and said, “Whatever does it mean?” “He that dwelleth in love dwelleth in God and God in him.” There are some astounding statements in this letter and I suggest that there is no paragraph in heaven and earth that has ever been written greater than that paragraph in the middle of I John 4.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Daily Walk in the Spirit”