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Eternal Life is to Live Christ

by Norman P. Grubb

Now no letter perhaps more clearly brings that home to us than I John. That is the favourite letter of our Ruanda friends. I want us to look at it for a moment or two, because that shows us how we practice this simple walk. It talks about God being Light and we walking with Him.

Let us think for a moment of the tremendous standards of John. How are they attainable? I always say John hits the ceiling. He hits the very ceiling of Heaven. You canít go higher than John because of his standards. But how are they attainable? Now the essence of the letter of John is this: In the first verses he says that he is going to tell us about ďthat eternal life.Ē He says, ďThat which was from the beginningĒ in verses 1 and 2. He says, ďIím going to show you about that eternal life.Ē But the whole point about the eternal life that John is showing us is not some vague theory down here; itís a Person who walked on earth. Thatís his point. That eternal life which I am referring to is a Person who walked a life like this on earthóthatís eternal life. Now, thatís very important. It means it isnít some vague gift we receive just by grace. Itís a life that is exactly like the life lived by Jesus. Thatís tremendous.

So the only eternal life is the perfect life. Thatís what he says. He says, ďIím going to show you a life which we handled, which we saw and we examined and we looked upon. And thatís the eternal life. Itís a Person who walked like this on earth.Ē

Now this is the whole meaning of the letter of John. You now say that that Person lives in you, and you in Him. If He does so, He lives that life through you, so youíre like that. My, thatís a statement isnít it? Thatís exactly the whole message of I John. Weíve seen eternal life in action. Eternal life is that One full of grace and truth, as of the only begotten Son of the Father, Who walked this earth, and Whom we saw with our eyes. Now thatís eternal life. Now this eternal life you claim lives in you. You say Heís in you, and you abide in Him and He in you. If that is so, He is living through you exactly that same life. Is He? My, thatís a challenge, isnít it? Thatís the whole of I John. He then divides that life out under three headings, to each of which he gives three sections. One is, itís a life of invincible faith. The other is, itís a life of continued holiness. And the third is, itís a life of perfect love Those are the three sections of I John. And he goes back to them again and again. Thatís the standard.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďDaily Walk in the SpiritĒ