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Continual Abiding

by Norman P. Grubb

So the life becomes very simple, simply walking with Jesus but having the immediate readiness, quickness—not introspectiveness, not that—but just a readiness so that if something does come in to say, “Hello, now there is something there. Let me smell that out, and then put it out via the Blood.” Yes that’s a good Scripture, “quick of scent.” We need to be quick of scent in this job as well as quick of sight.

a) A Single Eye—Full of Light

There are some Scriptures which helped me along that line. Matthew 6 about the body being full of light helped me very much. This struck me quite a short time ago, about a year ago, I think. It illustrates what I am talking about. Matt. 6:22-23 says, “The light of the body is the eye; if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light.” Well, when your eye is single you see Jesus, of course. That’s the only point of having an eye, a spiritual eye, isn’t it—to see Jesus? And if my eye is single, it means I have a clear simple sight of Him and therefore I am full of light. Because He is there, therefore His Presence, His Peace, His Power, His Fullness, His Adequacy and everything is there.

All right, that’s obvious. That’s abiding. That’s walking now, that’s walking with Jesus. A single eye, a body full of light, abiding in Him is all there.

(b) An Evil Eye—Needs Cleansing

Now what struck me with surprise is the next verse. “But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness.” Now what struck me was this: the opposite of single is double. And therefore there is a sudden change by inspiration here, for it doesn’t say what we would think it would say, “If thine eye is double it’s full of darkness,” but it says, “If thine eye is evil.” Because if it said “double” we should find a good excuse: “Oh, I’ve a good reason for it being double! I’m a bit off colour this morning, or my neighbour is a bit off, or something.” And I could find these rotten excuses for which there is no deliverance.

The evil is a different point. In other words, the Scripture says, “Whenever I don’t see Jesus I’m in evil.” Now I’ve got it. I’ve got it! Whatever sort of thing it is, if I’ve not a crystal clear sight of Jesus in my heart, through the ministry of the Spirit, it is evil. It’s not just double—somebody else’s fault, or my body, or this or that, or the other; it is evil. In other words, we shall begin to get a blessed deliverance when we begin to call a few more million things “sin” than we usually call sin. And thank God it isn’t a burden to call a thing sin because He reveals sin to cleanse it, not to condemn us. And the law of sin is that it always veils Christ, and it always binds the sinner because Jesus said so. Jesus said, “Whosoever is committing a sin is thereby the servant of that sin, a slave.” Therefore, if I’m committing a sin, I’m a slave to that sin. I may call it anything I like on earth, but it still binds me. If I dislike you, I’m bound by my dislike. Although I may say you deserve it, I’m still bound by it. If I’m resentful, I’m bound by my resentment although I may say it is entirely somebody else’s fault. Whatever sin I commit, in spite of what I might blame for it, it binds me and it cuts off the Saviour. Therefore it is a blessed thing to see sin when it is revealed to us by that Person who shows it to us in order to cleanse it away, because He said, “I’ll show you the sin. And here’s the cleansing.” The immediate moment I’m ready to acknowledge it I’m free and walk on again.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Daily Walk in the Spirit”