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Continual Abiding

by Norman P. Grubb

Now abiding in Him is the consciousness of His Presence, isnít it? Seeing Him. If weíre really abiding in Him we have that consciousness. Now if we are to know how to abide in Him, all we have to know is how to maintain ourselves free from anything which interferes with that abiding. That abiding is automatic and continuous unless something interferes with it. Why? Because it is the ministry of the blessed Spirit. Why has the Spirit come into our hearts? To magnify the blessed Lord. He has only that one purpose, constantly, unceasingly to reveal to our hearts that glorious Presence, which produces all peace and power and everything else a person can know. That is what He is here for. Therefore, thatís the automatic consequence of our lifeóan invariable consequence because the Holy Spirit is an invariable Person, unless He is interfered with. Therefore, nothing can stop that abiding unless it is something which positively interferes with the Spirit.

Now thatís, perhaps, the most important lesson I learned from my contact with those brother Africans and other friends in Ruandaóto recognize that if there is the slightest cloud of any kind (whatever I might name it; whether I call it something physical or some oppression or any other of many names), if there is the slightest shade of a cloud between me and Him and the bright revelation of His Presence in my heart, it means I am interfering with the ministry of the Spirit. It is not that something automatic has come in. Things canít come automatically into that relationship as itís a sacred citadel; things canít enter automatically there; itís a private place of its own; itís a Holy of Holies. If there is a single thing which is clouding in the slightest way that brightness, there is something interfering with the Spirit; and I am responsible, because it canít get there unless I have let it in.

Now thatís the point which has been so helpful to meóa new quickness and sharpness of recognition. ďHello, Hello, there is something wrong here. Iím not consciously abiding here.Ē Now thatís not the Spiritís fault. Heís automatic. Heís permanent. Heís a well that always springs up into everlasting life. No, if there is something clouding there I have let something in because the devil canít get there unless I let him in. Oh no, thatís private property in there, praise God. He canít get in there unless I let him in. ďNow whatís up?Ē

And so it comes back to this very simple fact: the simple walk with Jesus is a simple, happy, easy, free, daily, natural walk with Jesus only, coupled with it a sensitivity to sin and recognition that if there is a cloud, it is sin. Thatís the point. The reason that we arenít sensitive to sin is because we donít call it sin, because we have other names for it, and we name the cloud something else and so it remains. The whole point, which I again learned from our friends out there, is that God has given His remedy for sin, but He hasnít given His remedy for excuses. And if we call a thing this, that, and the other, it remains this, that, and the other; and we remain in this, that, and the other too. If weíve let something in which is interfering with that gracious work, that gracious ministry, we are grieving Him; but if we call it what it is, then immediately He says, ďYes and I call the Blood what it is. The Blood is the thing which puts out the sin.Ē And weíre free.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďDaily Walk in the SpiritĒ