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Two Ways to Handle Temptation

by Norman P. Grubb

Raise Shield of Faith

The two ways in which we do meet temptation are, firstly, if possible, be quick enough to lift the shield of faith. There are many times when weíre able to do that. Eph. 6óďThe shield of faith which quenches the fiery darts.Ē Now, he shoots that fiery dart in and we feel it sizzling on the way. But, blessed be God, He has taught us to walk with Him and we know how to lift up the shield or faith when temptation comes. Lift up the shield of faith! We have felt it, certainly we have felt it because thatís what temptation is. We feel the attraction. ďNo, Iím not taking that. In Christís name Iím not taking that. Iím crucified with Christ. Christ! Christ is in me. Iím not taking that.Ē And off he runs. Resist the devil and he will flee from you. Thank God you know that. Many, many times we are sharp enough to do that; many, many times. But sometimes weíre not.

Honestly Confess Sin

Before we can get right with Him the temptation comes and we are attracted and we are too slow. Now, brothers and sisters, when weíre not sharp enough to resist the devil, be honest and confess. It wonít affect most of us here, but may I say that one of the dangers of the sanctified life is trying to defend the doctrine instead of walking with Jesus. We think, ďOh, Iím sanctified. Therefore, of course, I couldnít lose my temper. That wasnít really my temper, that was just temperament, thatís all. Thatís just infirmity.Ē Infirmity is a wonderful word when you are sanctified. You get out of calling it sin, you know. No, no, no, no. Sin is sin! Donít be fooled. We walk, praise God, we do walk the holy life. When sin comes in, donít you call it anything else. Call it sin, and then the Blessed Cleansing Blood reaches you at once. Call it sin! The Lord says, ďYes, thatís what I gave Jesus foróthatís why Jesus died. Youíre free!Ē And off we walk happily again praising the Lord, using our testimony for His glory.

So those are the two ways in which we meet temptation. Weíre always going to face temptation. We can often be quick enough and pull that shield of faith up. Say in the name of the Lord, ďNo, Iím not having that. Christ lives in me. And Iím not having that.Ē Off he goes. The victoryís been won. Sometimes we donít win. Sometimes he comes in and really comes in. When he does, face it like a man, or rather, like a broken sinner. Get down! Get down and say, ďLord, Iím caught out. The devilís caught me out. Praise God, I confess it to you. Praise God, I take the Precious Blood.Ē Praise God for the Precious Blood. Free again! Those are the ways to meet temptation.

So we are going to be tempted and very often, by the grace of God, we shall not fall and increasingly we shall not fall. Yes, but we do fall. Then letís be candid. We do fall. Well, when we fall put it right. Thatís the simple life. So may God bless us and help us to learn something more of this continued life in the Spirit. Amen.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďTemptationĒ