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Purified By Faith

by Norman P. Grubb

Yes, we are sanctified by grace through faith. Our hearts are purified by faith. Christ does live in us. We are crucified with Him. And yet we’re encompassed in a world which is corrupt; we’re encompassed in a body which is still mortal and has the elements of corruption in it. We are a bundle of appetites, faculties, and desires, and we are not yet in a realm where they can only be for God. One day we shall be in a realm where it can’t be anything else, where everything else disappears and it’s only living for God and only delighting in Him. We’re not there yet. Therefore, our desires can be diverted. We’re accustomed to their being diverted because it’s the old life we used to live in. And so we walk . . . yes, we walk holy, walk in Christ, walk happily, walk naturally. We don’t walk afraid. We don’t walk afraid of sin . . . we walk freely with Jesus, praise His Name. Just as happy as sandboys with Him. But we know the old devil. We’re not ignorant of his devices. If he comes and when he comes in now, remember, he causes you to like a thing you shouldn’t like. Now handle it!

I woke up about two mornings ago after we had had a good time at one of the evenings here. And in the middle of the night, lying on my bed, I found myself thinking proudly, “What a fine fellow I am and how well I spoke.” I said, “You dirty devil! Putting that into my mind.” I said, “Why, if it wasn’t for the Holy Ghost, it would be nothing but talk.” But I had to have it cleansed. You know the devil comes in like this.

Well, you see, walk freely, walk with Jesus; walk in Him, walk happily but the diversions come. Well, when they come, learn to recognize them quickly . . . quick; sharp. Learn to recognize that it’s an illicit attraction. I’ve no business to let my love go in that direction—no business! Resist the devil and he will flee from you.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”