Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

I am always thankful for one little thing in my life. I am thankful that the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. It is interesting, isn’t it, that Jesus never called Him the Spirit of Love. He said He was the Holy Spirit and the Spirit of Truth. That is interesting, I think. Since He is the Spirit of Truth, He won’t lie to you and He won’t let you lie unless you deliberately do it.

In one matter I’m always thankful that He didn’t let me lie. I was a pursuer of holiness for a long time. Even up from my university days right through about the first 10 years of my missionary career I was in pursuit of something which I didn’t have. I examined this way of teaching and that way of teaching; I took this by faith and took that by faith; but I slipped off again. I didn’t have it. I hadn’t got it. But I tried to have. But what I am thankful for was that the Holy Spirit always said to me, “Now don’t kid yourself. That bell hasn’t rung inside. When you have you’ll know you have. Now don’t deceive yourself. You don’t have it yet.” I am glad of that. I tried to make out that I had it a dozen times over. “Now don’t you tell any of those lies. You haven’t got there yet.”

When the bell rang, it rang. Not in a noisy way, but an inner bell sometimes rings louder than an outer. Praise His Name it rang, and I saw Galatians 2:20 as my own position in Christ. Not that wretched “standing” and “state” business. Excuse me. That is one of our pet wangles. We call a thing our standing and not our state. We have no business to divide the two and say “that is my standing but of course my state is not that.” You had better get there then, because that is what this Bible is. Excuse me! That’ll arouse opposition too, I expect. Never mind.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “The Obedience of Faith”