Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Another great verse on the matter of faith is that marvelous flash of insight in the Bible, I John 5:10, which tells us, ďHe that believeth on the Son of God hath the witness within himself.Ē Thus faith and witness are one thing. Faith bears its own evidence. Therefore faith isnít faith until it has born its own evidence, because it definitely says that faith and witness are one thing. If you have faith you have witness, but it often isnít true. A million times over we say we have faith and we havenít witness. We are only kidding ourselves. Godís Word says faith always has its own witness, so it isnít yet faith until it has witness, an inner witness. And out of the inner witness, of course, comes the outer work. Now, thatís the first observation of faith I would stress. Of course Iím speaking particularly on the sanctification question, but it goes on far beyond that. It has to be a faith which has produced it. So I now live by nature in this realization, this actual inner certainty, inner knowledge, that this thing is so. And then, as I say, the outer works follow.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Obedience of FaithĒ