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by Norman P. Grubb

So now we look a little further at this question of faith. I just want to make a few observations on that question of faith. We all know that the way is faith. Let us remember, brothers and sisters, things are not so simple as they look. Teachers have to learn that. That goes back to the original text Iím using when I said, ďItís one thing to know a personís acts and another thing to know a personís ways.Ē Science sees that today, doesnít it? Science opens up the fact that everything is infinitely complicated when you get inside it, even a speck of sand. Look at the human body. It looks so easy, doesnít it? I move my hands, move my eyes, and my tongue certainly moves, but behind it are infinite complications. Things arenít as simple as they look. Theyíre only simple on the surface. Now a young Christian may say, ďFaith is simple.Ē If we are teachers of faith, and practitioners of faith, we shall not find it so simple.

Now we have to learn the hard way. Thatís how we learn. Weíre to be experts. Weíre to be specialists. Specialists in the Spirit. What a privilege. Spiritual doctors, not with that silly D.D. stuff after your name. Doctors inside the heart. You see, thatís our privilege, isnít it? Specialists. Experts. We must get inside the thing.

So faith isnít as easy as it looks. You begin to find that when you face the challenges of the present impossible. Thatís when you face it. That takes faith. When you face the challenges of the past or future, itís not quite so difficult. Thatís why salvation by grace isnít quite so difficult. Because when you first come to Jesus for salvation, in the main you are concerned about those past sins which are damning you and your future security in heaven. It is a little easier to believe something way in the past or the future. But it is a much harder thing to believe in immediate possibility. Now thatís why you begin to find that faith for sanctification isnít so easy. Because youíve to believe you are what you are not. That takes some doing. Weíve to call the things that be not as though they were. I Cor. 1:28. And weíre people that slip away into sin and our lives are inconsistent. Weíre heavy one day and peaceful another, and all these things which weíve gone into before. We arenít conscious of the purity of heart which we ought to have, and we have to believe we have it when we havenít. That takes some doing. We have to believe the present impossible. Now you begin to find faith isnít as easy as it looks. No itís not.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Obedience of FaithĒ