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by Norman P. Grubb

We have to be what God says we are and have what God says we have. Now you know if you’re talking to an unconverted person you won’t allow him to get out of conversation by saying, “Oh, I couldn’t keep it up.” You say, “Brother, you mustn’t look at it that way. You must just see you’re a hell-going sinner. Get quick to Jesus, and get that Blood cleansing you. Leave the future alone. God sees to that.” You don’t allow him to get out of present salvation by saying, “I couldn’t keep it up.” We have no business to say, “Oh, I can’t really say that I’m crucified because tomorrow I’ll lose my temper.” You have no business saying that. You’ve no business to say that any more than a person can come to Christ and say, “I can’t take it because I shall lose it tomorrow.”

What is required of us is the obedience of faith. That’s one of the great words of Romans. It comes in the first and the last chapters of Romans. “Unto the obedience of faith.” Faith is obedience. Faith means I accept, if you like, blindly—it isn’t wholly blindly, but better blindly than not at all—I accept blindly, absolutely, completely, determinedly, exactly what God says is so, and I stake my life on it. And though I fail a million times, I still stake my life on it. Though every man is a liar, God is true. (Romans 3:4).

So, in I step and I say, because God tells me to say it, “I am crucified with Christ. I have died with Him. I have been buried with Him. And I have made a public show of it, somehow or other. I have risen with Him, Christ in me, and have ascended with Him.”

Now that’s the obedience of faith. Beware lest you are a disobedient soul because you’re looking this way and that and it hasn’t worked or something. It isn’t a question of whether it works or not. It is a question of obeying today. And obeying is faith. It’s the obedience of faith. So be sure that you are not a disobedient child, and be sure that God has shown you things in His Word and you’re not walking around them and making excuses and making wangles or something to get out of the flat obedience of faith. The flat obedience of faith is to state with all your soul that what God says is so. God tells you to reckon yourself dead indeed unto sin and alive unto God through our Lord Jesus Christ—the world crucified unto you, and you to the world. You’ve crucified the flesh with its affections and lusts. You’re crucified with Christ. Be sure you say so. Be sure you plunge right out like good old Peter did on those waves and found the waves held him. He got a dipping. But better get a dipping and walk than the other disciples who got no dipping and didn’t walk either. I’d rather be the man on the water and get a little wet than the man who stays in the boat and just laughs and gets nothing. Don’t you stay in that boat now. Come out. Walk on those waters.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “The Obedience of Faith”