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by Norman P. Grubb

We see from Scripture that our death with Christ and in Christ is not yet so total as His own was, for there is a sense in which ours is still only partial. His death and resurrection was death of spirit and body and resurrection of spirit and body, right out of this realm, and He is now the Man in the Glory, the Glorious Forerunner, the great High Priest, who has accomplished redemption and is there, in Himself, cut right out of this realm of temptation and devils and world and flesh, and is not temptable, not reachable. Now, our death and resurrection in Christ is only partial because it is not fully accomplished yet. Itís reached as far as our spirits. And in our spirits we are cut off in our spirits, but we are not cut off in our bodies. We are cut off in our spirits, and thatís what death means, the separation, the cutting off of our spirits from any claim of sin upon us, any claim of the flesh upon us, and any claim of the world upon us. But we have not yet passed into that realm where they canít reach us. We havenít yet that resurrected body which wonít be temptable. So you see there are two perfections. Jesus was perfect on earth but He was temptable. He is perfect in Heaven and is untemptable. There are two perfections.

There is a stage in which we can walk in that form of perfection which is still a temptable perfection. We canít walk in a non-temptable perfection but thatís going to come one day, praise His Name. So that gives us an understanding of the fact that taking our place in co-crucifixion with Christ and co-resurrection with Christ doesnít remove us one inch from all those things that pour in upon us to divert us. Perhaps they become worse afterwards, rather than better. And every form of temptation pours in to us and sometimes we respond. But there is no doubt that there are many folks who have been disillusioned about claiming identification with Christ because they said, ďWell, the fact is, it just doesnít work. It is all right from the pulpit, and it is all right from the Bible, but it isnít all right in life. It just doesnít work. I say that I am dead today and tomorrow I lose my temper with somebody. It doesnít work.Ē But you see you have to find its balance.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Obedience of FaithĒ