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by Norman P. Grubb

My union with Him in death and resurrection is an eternal, an essential, a substantial fact. That is what must be imparted to us. So we have had revealed to us from Godís Word that this is the heart meaning of the substitutionary work of Christóthat because He was merely my substitute in infinite grace, it is really I that did the dying thereóbecause there was no need for Him to do the dying. I did it. He did it in my place, so in Godís sight, I did it.

Itís just the same as if you owe a bill to a storekeeper and your brother comes and pays it for you, the storekeeper receipts the receipt that you paid it. He doesnít receipt the receipt that your brother paid it. You owed the bill; your brother paid it; but he puts on the receipt that you paid it. Thatís substitution, thatís identification, and thatís this fundamentally profound truthóthatís the heart of the matter.

I think one thing needs stressing there and that is the grasping of the realization that it is an accomplished fact and not something to be accomplished. There are thousands of hungry Christians who are trying to be crucified, and wishing they were crucified. No, no, no. You were crucified. You have been crucified! It is a fact concerning every believer. Thatís most important. When you deal with a seeking soul desiring salvation, you donít tell him that his sins have to be atoned for. You donít say, ďPray, and cry, and wait until the atonement has been accomplished for your sins.Ē That would be a pretty poor Gospel, wouldnít it? You say, ďPraise God, it was done 2,000 years ago! Look at the Cross of Calvary. Thatís the historic evidence of the fact that the completion of the atonement was made. All you have to do is accept that, and lean on it. Believe it and youíre free. It was done and your sins are finished in the Blood of Jesus.Ē

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Obedience of FaithĒ