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THe Fallacy of Two Natures

by Norman P. Grubb

A man canít be two things at once. As I say, you would put him in a madhouse if he is. A man is one thing at once. I was once a child of the devil and now Iím a child of God. Thatís all about me praise the Lord! The rest is just clothing. When I was a child of the devil my clothing was the mercies of God; it was only clothing. The clothing was Godís mercies Godís movings on me, Godís influences. Still it was only clothing. I was a child of the devil. Now I am a child of God and the devilís clothing is around meóit is only clothing, it is not nature. And through that clothing comes the sin.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Liberated SelfĒ