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The Fallacy of Two Natures

by Norman P. Grubb

You won’t like this, and you won’t believe it. We are turning off beam when we talk about having two natures at the same time. It’s all nonsense! You won’t like that one! I’m sick of hearing everywhere this theory of two natures. I’m not a half-in-half kind of schizophrenic or something. I’m one person. For one thing, I will show this; why do people read two natures into a chapter which doesn’t mention nature at all? Romans 7 doesn’t mention nature—it doesn’t mention it, and people stick two natures in there.

The only natures practically which are given us in the Scriptures are these Ephesians 3 says, “We were by nature children of wrath,” and II Peter 1:4 says that we are partakers of the divine nature.” Now really, when you look at it, it is common sense. Now, supposing I say to you that when I am unregenerate I have two natures. “Ooh,” you would say, “what heresy! You haven’t two natures when you are unregenerate; you just have one bad nature.” Take that and remember it! Two natures? You’ve NOT got two natures. One nature! Of course you have!

I only have one nature. I was a child of Satan, but in my condition as a child of Satan I wasn’t so dead, I wasn’t so much a child of Satan, that I couldn’t hear God. And God could influence me. But I was basically a child of Satan. I was basically egocentric. I basically followed myself, but God could influence me. And He could move upon me and He did move me until He finally found and won me. But God wasn’t my nature, and those influences about me didn’t change my nature. My nature was a fallen one. Now I have gone on the other side. My nature is a redeemed one. My nature is a Divine one, but I am influenced by the other fellow. He influences me, but he is only an influence. And sin is not my nature, the world is not my nature, the devil is not my nature—God is my nature! The seed of God is in me, the seed of God is the nature of God—I cannot sin. That’s the proof that I am born again. There is something within me that revolts against sin, and if the devil trips me up into sin I grieve over it because I have a new nature. But that other one isn’t my nature, it’s the influences around me. My new nature is Christ in me and I crucified with Him. That’s where the pure heart comes. That’s where sanctification is. That’s where this new life is. I’ve been made whole now, I am crucified with Him, I dead to sin, dead to the world, dead to Satan. Risen—ah, not I, not I—Somebody else is inside me when I am risen. I am risen and this One is joined to me now. He is my life. He is my centre. Now I am a new person, a holy person, a heart-pure person, walking with Him there but under all sorts of adverse influences which come through the world and through the flesh. But that is not my life nor is it my nature. Man is always unitary.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “The Liberated Self”