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Love of Sin

by Norman P. Grubb

Fellowship doesn’t start in sainthood. It starts in sinnerhood. It does not start in sainthood, but in sinnerhood. Because most of our sainthood is put on. It’s only half real. Where we start is down in our sinnerhood, poor broken people needing the Precious Blood. We find fellowship there. Then we climb up into our sainthood a little later on. I spoke in an African audience among our own people the last time I visited there. The Lord told me that I was not to speak about sin without involving myself. If I spoke of purity or temper or pride, I was to put myself in up to date and not make out I was a high-up holiness preacher and they were poor things needing something I had. So down I went each time from the pulpit. And in talking about anger and irritation, I spoke about my home relationship with my wife. And this is typical; a simple African man who’d been a convert, say 20 years, came up to me afterwards. He’d heard the gospel thousands of times. “Oh,” he said, “Brother, I never knew a white man quarrelled with his wife. I thought it was only black men that did that.” That shows we preach down from the pulpit without meaning it, as if we’re saints and you are the poor sinners. When the preacher gets down with the sinners, things happen. We find ourselves fellow sinners. That’s what fellowship is. Fellow sinnerhood gets transferred into fellow sainthood by the Blood.

So I just touch on that last point there. I was saying that when I have to deal with people along that line I say, “No, brother, it isn’t at the act level; it’s at the love level. You’ve to recognize that and strike it there.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”