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Sexual Defeats on the Mission Field

by Norman P. Grubb

I tell you that many of the breakdowns of the mission field are due to sex frustration or sex defeat. Many, many young people are still under private habits of self abuse. I know that when they come as students to our headquarters they still are. And some of these things come back on the mission field. There is homosexuality that goes on the mission field—woman with woman and man with man among missionaries —not to mention fornication and adultery. I tell you we need to face these things. We need to face them. First of all, we will get the thing in its perspective if we realize that the sex instinct is a dominant instinct and it will always be an instinct. And there are mighty few of us who will not be immediately attracted by sex. I can’t speak that from the women’s point of view, but I can from the men’s. Most men are immediately attracted by sex. And we tend immediately to look at something sexual. If there is something showing about a woman’s figure, we tend to look. We tend to look at an advertisement that exposes a woman. All that kind of thing. It’s our nature. Because a man has a strong sex instinct. Women have their own ways as I say. Now we have to face it. That is not wrong, but to follow it is wrong. So I have to learn to differentiate between the first attraction and retaining the attraction. That’s the point.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”