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by Norman P. Grubb

You can see the two differences in the quality of death in Satan and fallen man, first of all. Now you take this difference: Satan as Lucifer sinned irretrievably against God. We havenít much description in Godís Word of the depth of that sin. He sinned so irretrievably against God. When Satan sinned against God he became dead to God didnít he? I just use that expression. Satan became ďdead to God.Ē He became so dead to God that God canít reach him. Heís been cast out of heaven. Heís a devil forever. Itís for him that God has prepared the fireófor the devil and his angels. Heís completely cut off. Therefore, his death is complete and there can be no response of Satan to God. God canít speak to Satan. Heís out of hearing distance. Thatís a final death. Now it says in the Genesis story that if man sinned, he would die. So we died to God, but we didnít die to God so completely that He couldnít make us hear Him. See the difference? We died to God, didnít we? Adam died to God. Spiritually he died. Weíre dead in trespasses and sins. Weíre joined to the devil and so on. But weíre not so joined to the devil that God canít make us hear. He canít make the devil hear but He can make us hear. See the difference? The devil is unreachable by good. We are reachable by good.

So there are proportions in the death. You see, there are two classes of people, both dead to GodóSatan and his angels and fallen man. The one death is irretrievable and canít be reached by good. The other is retrievable. It can be reached by good. It is not such a final death that it canít be reached by good.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Liberated SelfĒ