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The Independent Self

by Norman P. Grubb

Now what we want to examine somewhat closely for a few minutes is: What is the full remedy God has given for the getting rid of this independent self? You see, we’ve come out of our fallen condition used to living by the independent self, by our own opinions, our own activities, our own plans, our own resources, reliance on ourselves. Now we get a carryover of that into our Christian lives. Of course we do. If we didn’t, we should be perfectly victorious. Every single failure is to be traced to a resurrection of the independent self in some form—every time! It’s caused by a moving out from the union instead of abiding in it. Every time.

Now we must examine: What complete remedy has the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ provided for a continuous and total removal of the independent self—not of self, but the independent self? Sometimes you hear people talk about or even in hymns you read about death to self. I shouldn’t like that. I tell you I don’t want to die that. You can’t have a death to self. You can have a death to the independent quality of your self so that the real self may take its proper place—that’s a cipher indwelt by a 100 percenter. So it isn’t death to self. It is death to that wrongful attitude of yourself -- the independence of the self. That’s the point.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “The Liberated Self”