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The Independent Self

by Norman P. Grubb

We all know the whole point of Moses was he gave up everything but himself. He didnít even know that he hadnít given himself up, nor did he know that he needed to give himself up. Thatís the point! Itís our blindness thatís our trouble. Just the same as in our unredeemed condition; our blindness is the trouble. We donít know that we are going to hell. We donít see ourselves as sinners. And the Holy Ghost has to take the veil from our eyes. Then we know it and can find the remedy.

Now the law of the Spiritual life is that we never have a greater need than to have a sense of our need. According to our need, so is our supply. According to our hunger and thirst, so are we filled. Thus only insofar as we see our need can we receive the supply. And so we know how Moses royally, gloriously, daringly flung everything in this world away except himself, to follow Jesus the Christ. Hebrews 11:26. He didnít know that he needed to fling himself away; didnít even realize that he was relying on himself. Thus he had to go through that forty years of disillusionment. I often wonder why these great men didnít become atheists. Perhaps it is surprising that we didnít either because of the terrible strippings that we have to have after our dedication. When we follow Jesus, leave all and follow Jesus, down we goóbang, bang, bang, down to the bottom. And the old mystic who said, ďThe only way to heaven is through hell,Ē spoke the truth. The only way to heaven is through hell. Heís perfectly right. It is in hell that we leave our wretched 1ittle self; then we go up to heaven. Leave them where they belong.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Liberated SelfĒ