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Man's Helplessness

by Norman P. Grubb

It must be an intelligent union and therefore there must be an intelligent understanding of my place in that union or it isnít fellowship. It isnít that I love to have it so; I must have it so, and accept it as such. Therefore, I have to discover my helplessness. Thatís the great lesson. I must discover my helplessness and Adam never discovered his. And thereís never one word to tell us that in the Garden of Eden he took one glance at that beautiful tree in the centre of the garden, the Tree of Life of which, if he had taken by faith, he would have had that One brought into him. That was because he never knew that he needed that One. He thought he could beat the devil on his own ground. No, you canít do that. Weíve tried that too often and failed, havenít we? You canít beat the devil, not for ten seconds. But thereís Someone inside of you who can beat him. Iíve often said, ďIf Norman Grubb goes out to fight the devil, poor Norman Grubb. If the Holy Ghost inside Norman Grubb goes out to fight the devil, poor devil.Ē Thatís just the difference. It surely is. Tragedy of tragedies, Adam never discovered it. He just somehow thought he could do it. But of course he got beaten all ends up, and never did discover, and humanity never has discovered, the lie of self-sufficiency, the delusion of self-sufficiency, and all thatís come out of itóegoism and all thatís come out of it. The blindness of humanity! We went that far last night.

So we have to have a further little glance at this problem of self-sufficiency, and the replacement of it by Godís Sufficiency. And then weíre to move on to the gospel remedy which God has given us.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Liberated SelfĒ