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Temptation Ė Sexual Desire & Condemnation

by Norman P. Grubb

Now the point I am trying to get at is that many get under condemnation because they feel sex desire. We have to face this as so often many people are stimulated on the mission field, possibly because of the climate or the loneliness, or because the devil is so rampant on a foreign mission field, in a non-Christian country, or maybe because of the habits and ways of the people. You have desires stimulated that you thought you never had perhaps, or which you thought had disappeared. And some people get under terrible condemnation. I spoke to a middle-aged sister in distress, a godly missionary. When I was home recently she spoke to me. She opened herself up. She spoke of unbearable condemnation that she had because she couldnít bear herself. She is a nurse working with a doctor, a single nurse and I suppose the doctor is a married man. I donít know how, but in the course of their working, their hands sometimes touched and she got a thrill out of it. And she thought that she was a filthy creature. Oh, no, sister; you are under false condemnation. You canít help responding sexually but you must take every means to see that you donít deliberately do it. Probably in a case like that you must take some means to see that you donít touch his hand, but in a professional situation like that you canít always help yourself. You work for a doctor and these things are bound to happen. Just jump on it, thatís all. Donít take condemnation. You canít help a sex desire going out in that direction because it is a natural desire. All you need to see is that the moment you see that it is being attracted in the wrong direction, cut!

I speak of that strongly because it is deep in us; deep in us. We have to do something about handling our natural desires. We men are, of course, far better off (Iím always on the side of the women) because we can search about and find a wife. Of course, women have ways of searching too! But you know, as I said before and say again, I think the noblest missionaries on earth are the single people who walk alone with God and become married to the Lord Jesus Christ, and find their children in the Spirit. It may not always be because they want to, because they are humanówe are all human. The natural human instinct in every one of us is marriage. Of course it is. So there is a real battle when you donít have marriage. You are human. You have the natural sex set up which we all have. I wonder if Heaven wonít reveal that the greatest victories in history are the victories of noble, godly women who could have married just like that at home but they went to places where there was no husband for them. And they went through with God through the lonely years until He took the place of their loneliness and they were married to the Lord and produced their spiritual children.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďTemptationĒ