Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Now do we see the meaning of life, the heart, the only meaning of life? The only life is Christ in me. Thereís no other life, nothing else is life. Eternal life is this glorious Person condescending to live His life in me. Thatís lifeóHe joined to me.

Now that cannot be unless this false way of life has been remedied. This which has come in, this independent ego, this self-seeking, self-sufficient, self-working ego has to be dealt with. Otherwise you canít have the free union in its right relationship, and therefore there are these remedies provided. First of all, the atonement for the consequences of my sins, then this identification with Him, as one who has died with Him, cut right off, as one who has risen with Him. Thatís Christ in me; thatís a new relationship. In order to enter that, Iíve had to learn my helplessness. Romans 6 is not enough without Romans 7. Some of you have learned Romans 6 but you havenít reached Romans 7. That is why it doesnít act. Romans 6 does not act without Romans 7óthatís the whole trouble. Some of you have tried that out. ďOh,Ē you say, ďIíve reckoned myself dead.Ē Yes, you have tried out Romans 6 but you still havenít got to Romans 7. You have entered Romans 6, but you havenít recognized the elements of self effort. You havenít recognized that. Youíve reckoned yourself but it doesnít work. Exactly! Because there is self-effort in it. Romans 7 is the key. Having entered Romans 7, weíve also had imparted to us and revealed to us the nothingness of self. ďHow to perform that which is good I find not.Ē We havenít learned that. When we have learned that, we pass on to students of Romans 8. Then it is easy because, not only are we dead to sin, we are also free from ourselves, and now the other Person lives in me. The other Person does it. Now we are in the union.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďThe Liberated SelfĒ