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Not We, but He

by Norman P. Grubb

I spend more than half my time away from home and W.E.C. affairs, because the open doors and invitations take me all over this country and Canada with the "CHRIST IN YOU" truth. So many know justification as an inner realization, but not unification. It is possible to recognize even Christ in me as two separate persons, but not to have come to the consciousness of the unity by the faith which substantiates a fact, in which He is my Other Self (the best way I can interpret Paul's "Nevertheless I live, YET NOT I, but Christ lives in me"); yet the paradox remains that within this unity is the duality (the little i and BIG I), and our little i is the means of the Self-manifestation of the I AM. Marvelous. And when this fact, which is a fact in all the redeemed becomes through faith a spontaneous background to our daily living, then we are freed in our humanity to plunge in with all the zest of living into all the adventures of faith and witness and loving service of which all life consists when we have eyes to see it; yet all the time we know (and can laugh within) at the hidden secret that it is not we at all but HE living. “As He is, so ARE we”, not ought, can, should be. Nothing can finally satisfy the heart except the knowledge of REPLACEMENT - HE the real One living, i only living in a secondary sense as the container and manifestor of Him: HE TAKING THE PLACE of human me, for humanity was only created to contain Deity: not to become something by itself, but to contain Someone; therefore we humans can never reach the foundations of satisfaction, until by revelation life is not we living it, but HE.