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The Why of Temptation – Part Four

by Norman P. Grubb

Strengthens Our Trust

Another partial reason may be that the impact of temptation fixes us ever more strongly in God. It drives us to God. The wrestling with and conquest of temptation forces us further and further into Him. That, taken in balance with the fact that inwardly we are holy, we are purified, we are Christ-indwelt, accounts for temptation. And yet, although we are that inwardly in heart and spirit, we are constantly, unceasingly assaulted by temptation which is channelled both through a corruptible body and a personality which is open all the time to the corrupt environment in which we live. So, of course, we come to this conclusion, as we well know: that never, until the day either of our death or that glorious coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, shall we be out of the temptation environment. We’re going to be tempted and tempted and tempted until the day of our death. So get that quite clear.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”