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The Why of Temptation – Part One

by Norman P. Grubb

Now we’re asking the question today: Why then are we not as consistent as we ought to be? Why then are we tempted? And why also do we often fall into temptation? How does that fit in with this glorious position, “by grace through faith” into which we’ve been introduced into this living relationship with Him? So although it is going to cover a great deal of ground which we know already, we are going to examine this with some detail so that it may be profitable to us, possibly in helping our younger brethren around us who are growing up in Christ.

So we’ll examine that question.

Man Is Compounded of Desires

If we ask, “Why temptation?” of course, we’ll have to go back to our origins again. Man is compounded of desire. The first form of life is desire—in every way. The first form of love is desire. A man is compounded of love because God is Love. So man is a whole conglomerated mass of desires. Now the original purpose of God was that there should be only one form of desire in His creation, that is, desire to love Him, delight in Him, and desire to serve Him and serve one another—only good, no evil ever known. So all those desires were channelled up permanently into Him in loving worship, service, everything. There wasn’t a “down”; only an “up.” Now, as we know, in one period of history, way back in the unknown ages, an awful thing happened when a new kingdom was broken open by Lucifer and his followers. It never should have been there, never should have been known—the kingdom of darkness, the kingdom of self-centeredness instead of God-centeredness. And Lucifer brought this awful thing into the world, which is hell, of which the center is self-centeredness.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”