Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

So that life is enjoying it all the time. Enjoying Him. Sure it is. There are laws of liberation which we have to examine. Of course there are. Christianityóno. Life is a Liberated Christ inside a liberated personality. Thatís the whole of lifeóa Liberated Christ inside a liberated personality. A liberated personality is a person who has been freed from himself. Youíre free when youíre free from yourself; and youíre free then toówhat?óto have a Liberated Christ free inside you. And if He gets free inside you He does a few thingsónot what man thinks He will do. Thatís why Christians are queer people. He does what He thinks Heíll doó but He does it. Philippians 2:13.

Thatís the whole end of eternity, a Liberated Christ inside a liberated glorious body through whom Heíll do His own eternal purposes forever and forever. Heís the do-er. Thatís why we never have a single thing we can take to do ourselves. Everything which ever happened to us, He is the do-er. Every scrap of faith I ever had, He is the believer. Every praise I ever give to Him, He is the praise-er. Every scrap of love we have, He is the lover. I often hear people say in their prayers, ďOh, Lord, I know you love these people much more than I do.Ē No, He doesnít, because you havenít loved them at all. If you have a single one percent of love, that is still His love. Thatís a silly prayer. We all pray silly prayers. I donít grumble at you, I pray them myself. But itís a fact. You see, thatís the old fact of separation. I love a bit, and He loves more. No, you donít. Thereís only one love and one Lover, and any single flicker of love you have is His love in you. So every single thing is Himself glorifying Himself. Himself to Himself. Thatís the end of it, the indescribable mystery of it in the end. But itís blessed.\

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďUnion Ė Central Secret of the UniverseĒ