Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

Now see, that so wonderfully simplifies life if I know that this Person is the “do-er” in me. Let me show you a few texts along that line. Were you ever struck by this one? You probably have been—Matthew 10:20, “For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.” Not “speaks to you” but “speaks in you.” In other words, the Person Who speaks inside my voice is the Holy Ghost, so it isn’t my words at all. “I’m the voice of one crying . . . .” John 1:23. John wasn’t the one who cried. John was the mere voice of it. He was the voice; the One who cried was the Holy Ghost inside him. He was just the voice, and out through that voice came that mighty word. I’ll prove that to you further on in other ways, but you see what I mean.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Union – Central Secret of the Universe”