Notes from Norman

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by Norman P. Grubb

But listen, the only faith there is is a person believing. There is no faith in the universe except the person who is believing. Faith is a person believing. There is no love except a person loving. God is love and God is a Person. There is no meekness, except a person who is meek; there is no power except a person who is powerful.

Now thereís the secret. Itís never that Heís going to impart love to me; Heís going to be the loving Person inside me. He is Himself inside me. Heís the Loving Person inside me, and I share in some of it, and His love comes out through my love faculty. Heís loving through my love faculty.

And He doesnít impart faith to me. Heís a believer. He doesnít have any kinks in His faith, Praise the Lord. He believes in Himself. The I AM, THAT I AM. He believes in Himself, in the totality of faith. And in part He is just believing in me.

So my believings are the Holy Ghostís believings every time. If I believe a thing, it isnít I who believes, it is the Holy Ghost believing in me. He just puts it through my faith faculty. Thatís the whole key. When you understand that, you donít moan and groan and long for things called power and faith. You must recognize the believing Person inside you. Heís plenty for you. You donít need any more if youíve got Him. Thatís the key.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: ďUnion Ė Central Secret of the UniverseĒ