Notes from Norman

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Total Truth

by Norman P. Grubb

I never let the devil tell me I am dry. How can I be dry in soul when I keep a permanent well of water inside—the Spirit springing up unto everlasting life? I never let the devil tell me I’m hungry and need spiritual nourishment. I have permanent loaves and permanent water inside me —the Bread of Life and the Water of Life. Jesus! And all that I have to do is to eat and drink spiritually. You eat and drink spiritually by recognition. That’s all. The recognition of faith is the eating and drinking spiritually. I just recognize Jesus and there I am, of course, fresh in a second! I will talk about that a little later on, but I never allow these things. It is an insult to God when He is living in me that I could moan and groan that I am cold, dry . . . . Not for a second, unless there is sin! If there is sin we’ll have to deal with that.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Going on to Perfection”