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Purity of Heart

by Norman P. Grubb

Purity of heart means the intent of our heart becomes solely to love with all our heart and mind and soul and strength and our neighbor as ourself. That is a pure heart—a single heart. So the blessing into which we are introduced by grace through faith is a pure Person living in a pure center—a pure Spirit in a pure heart. Ours is the pure heart, purified by the Blood, purified by faith, purified by the Holy Ghost, making our identification real to us, and then that pure Person living in us. That is the rest of faith because the rest is Jesus. The rest is seeing that Perfect, Almighty, Unconquerable Person living in us, fulfilling exactly His own purposes through us. All that comes to us is a sharing of what comes to Him but it comes to Him first of all. We’re the very minor junior partner—He’s the partner. He takes care of us. That’s entering into His rest. That is the rest of faith. That’s the secret of power. He is the Power. He’s the Mighty Power, the One that spoils principalities and powers and makes a show of them openly. And the One who made a show of them openly on Calvary will make a show of them by us, as we walk on in faith and fight on in faith. Let us be satisfied with nothing less than an open show of Satan in redeemed and sanctified lives. So He is the Power and as we read in that phrase in Galatians, “He is mighty in us towards others.”

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”