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Normal Human Flesh
by Norman P. Grubb

You see when I first grabbed by faith, together with my Pauline, that Gal.2:20 statement, what I had not then got clear is Who is the “I” which is crucified? Just as you say, I now know wrongfully I called my “flesh” sinful nature, which is BY NO MEANS the correct translation of the Greek “sarx”, but is inserted, in these subtle mistranslations such as the Living Bible.

“Flesh” is just me in my human capacities of soul and body. This is obviously so because Jesus was “God manifest in the flesh”, and Rom.8 makes it plain that calling it “sinful flesh” means that some virus was inserted into my normal human flesh. Thus Paul can go on to say “the life I now live in the flesh” is “by the faith of the Son of God” and thus not “sinful flesh”.

Knight of Faith, Volume I

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