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The Total
by Norman P. Grubb

My calling is TO GO RIGHT ON JUST POURING OUT OUR TOTAL AS I SEE IT BY THE SPIRIT AND WORD ...... and in the end it is only THE TOTAL WHICH HAS LASTING REALITY IN IT, AND WE HAVE THAT VAST PRIVILEGE. When followers of Francis d’Assisi of next generation sought to weaken down his total, the few who still stood with him said, “There is an element in the gospel of Christ so disturbing that the world will ever reject it, but never forget it; and the church will vacillate between patronage and persecution. You have the present, but I think the future is ours!!” Twelve runaways at Calvary. “Wait to get that Holy Spirit,” (six weeks waiting, but they stuck at it) and THEN, THEN 2,000 years later we number millions!!!!

Taken from Knight of Faith Volume I

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