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Love of Sin
by Norman P. Grubb

Sex is only one form of sin, of course. I can’t speak for Japan, but it is in most countries. Now you take India. India looks very respectable. When I spent my last five months in India and spoke on sex, I kind of half apologized and said, “Well, of course, I don’t know the Indians. They certainly look very modest.” (The women dress very modestly there in those very beautiful saris. And I sort of felt, well, perhaps this country isn’t so sexy as some countries like Africa or like America or like England. America is terribly sexy. England is too; but somehow it shows over in America. We stimulate our young people. You won’t like me saying this, I know, but you have no right to encourage young people to make dates at eight and ten and twelve years of age. You have no right to stimulate the sex instinct in young people like that. We need to be cleaned up.) I said that to the Indians. “Oh,” they said, “don’t you mistake it, Brother Grubb. This place is a sea of corruption underneath.” Actually, India is about the worst of the lot. Probably it’s the same in Japan. I think it is in every country because it is the strongest instinct in everybody. Underground sex. And I’m saying this, brothers and sisters, because we’re spiritual doctors. Well, a doctor has to talk about things and see things which normal people don’t. You have to discuss; a doctor has to discuss the body and look at the body in a way an ordinary person doesn’t. We’re spiritual doctors and so we must look at the inner workings of things and not have a false prudery. And we must face out these things to the bottom in our own lives. It would be much more healthy if we said so sometimes, much more healthy if we came out because you know a lot of our trouble is our secret condemnation. It’s a lot of our trouble. I’ve known that for years.

I don’t know if any of you have but the dirty old devil comes along and says, “Oh, you know you had a dirty thought today. If you’re fellow missionaries knew you had an impure thought, oooooh, they’d be shocked.” You wouldn’t for the world tell it. But they are having the same thing themselves. We’re all the same, made of like passions. That’s why we have to have the same close walk with Jesus and the same constant check up and the same precious cleansing in the Precious Blood. When we begin to break down we get a community. That’s what I learned in Africa.

Karuizawa Japan Conference of 1954
Topic: “Temptation”

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