Remembering NPG

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My Grandfather

by Mary Blair

Feelings of "lack" stirred me to write to Norman once explaining that both my grandpas had died before I was born so I never had a grandpa/grandchild relationship. Here I was at the time, a mother of 3 young children, yearning for a grandpa, of all things! I asked Norman if he would fill that role for me and of course he replied that he would love to be my grandpa. He was quite willing to "be" anything I desired him to be to fill my (then perceived) need. Finally!! a man I could trust and could pour my heart out to without fear of rejection or condemnation. Well, of course, that's Who Christ is! I subsequently became aware that this same Christ we all saw in Norman, dwells in us, as us and we are now free to "be" whatever others need us to be. As we mature in this awareness, we learn to "forget" ourselves and see this wonderful interaction of Christ going on between all of us. Blows me away!!!

Mary Blair

Ozawkie, KS