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Three Stories

by Donald  Adcox


Following a week with us in Hendersonville and taking advantage of this opportunity to fellowship with long time friends Wayne and Doris Cole, Linton Wood and Frank and Edna Huyler we along with the Coles drove him to Knoxville TN through the Smoky Mountains and over Clingmans Dome.


The roads were clear but an ice storm had left everything off road covered with ice, bright shining ice as it reflected the sun. It was a beautiful crystal panorama that our eyes and really our souls feasted on because we saw it as God’s handiwork.


We had stopped the car at the very top of 5000 foot plus Clingmans Dome in order to drink fully of the vista before us. We knew Norman was enjoying the experience but not with the excitement and delight that were   we were expressing,


Then with a typical Norman “stutter” he mumbled, “ Uh, ah, it is just our Lord enjoying His handiwork through His children!”


…made us glad that God seems to have chosen us to view His world through us in some measure.



Another story:


During another week with us Norman was suffering from a cold that had brought on a bit of wheezing. We offered to take him to our doctor but he declined assuring us he was alright. Later in the week about 11:30 PM we heard wheezing coming from his bedroom. Our bedroom is at one end of our house, the last room at that end. Our guest bedrooms are at the other end of the house.  Still, the wheezing was reaching us and sounded terrible.


My wife said, “Donald you must do something!”


I went to Norman’s room but did not ask him if he wanted to go to the hospital.  I had the freedom to say, “Norman, get ready we are going to the hospital.” He got ready and we checked in about 1 AM.


The next morning I went early to see him. Apparently the doctors had been able to provide prompt relief and begin the process of his healing because I found him sitting up in bed with several nurses and a doctor in the room. They peppered me with questions, “Who is this you brought in here? We’ve not had a patient like this.”


It seemed he had been telling them his about his relationship with his God and Savior and had shared some events along the path of his life.


I told them a bit about Norman’s wide reaching ministry and how I met him when he was invited to be on the program at a Presidential prayer breakfast in  Washington DC.


“Well”, they said, “that explains somewhat why he has so captivated us.”


Norman was in the hospital…in hospital as English Norman would say…for three more days.


I am not sure how much further treatment Norman received but each time I visited him I found him holding court in his room with a good group of attendees, both doctors and other hospital employees.

Norman Grubb:   “Suggester”.


Through the years I often heard overheard Norman in his quiet way SUGGESTING that this brother or sister do this or that.


For example he once SUGGESTED to me that we should take a Lay Witnessing team to England. We were receptive and shortly learned that he had suggested to Pastor Alec Steen that he should invite our team to

Queensberry Baptist Church in Nottingham England.


Alec did. Seventeen of us went…had a wonderful meeting. As a result I was back in England later. While there Pastor Steen’s SUGGESTED we witness to Steve Trombitas, a refugee from Hungary who had fled his country with a bullet in his back as a result of his part in the 1956 uprising.  


After his salvation experience Steve SUGGESTED we visit his parents and siblings in Hungary. As it turned out we were invited to take a team to Czechoslovakia a year or so later and could go on to Hungary. Steve arranged for his family to receive us and we learned on arrival they had prepared meetings for us in Budapest and in Feldebro a village about 65 miles from the USSR border. Two incidents from those meetings partially show the results of Norman’s suggestions.


One, in Budapest after a meeting in a back street warehouse with about 200 present an older appearing woman approached Jerry, my wife, took her hand and began kissing it. Somewhat shocked Jerry hardly knew how to react until our interpreter told her that the woman telling Jerry that she prayed everyday for America to remain free. Her reason he told Jerry was that she had hope as long as America remains free that her country and its people would one day be free.


Second, in Feldebro at the parents home we were wonderfully welcomed and enjoyed sweet fellowship.

We also learned that Steve’s 34 year sister was deaf and not a Christian. The parents suggested we witness to her. How do you witness to a deaf person when you don’t speak her language and she doesn’t hear any language.


We SUGGESTED Jerry and LaVerne Abbott from our party witness to her. They shared testimony and scripture and a time of prayer by speaking to the interpreter who passed it on to the Mother who mouthed the words to her lip reading daughter. Then responses back the same way to Jerry and La Verne.  The time soon came when the young woman was saved…interesting that immediately she, who had had no interest in the Bible wanted Jerry to mark the scriptures in her Bible that had led her to salvation.


I trust you have noticed that Norman’s SUGGESTION didn’t stop with Alec Steen but had about it movement that didn’t stop until it had led to Steve’s salvation and the salvation of his sister. I have an idea that in heaven we will find that this SUGGESTION of Normans along with many others of his led to the many victories God had in mind when made the original SUGGESTIONS to our brother Norman Grubb.