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A Giant in the Spiritual Realm

by Bill Oberdorf

The first time that I personally saw and heard our late dear brother, Norman Grubb speak was at Berean Fellowship in Dallas, Texas.  The year was approximately 1969 and at the time, I had been taking some classes at that location.  To be honest, at that time I don't recall that I had ever seen him or heard him minister.  The best that I recall, he had come to Berean Fellowship and he spoke at least a couple nights.  I very well remember that during the first night's meeting, I would be lying if I said that I can remember what he had ministered because I had a very difficult time understanding him as he spoke with his most definite British accent.  However, I am of the opinion that one does not necessarily need to understand, nor spiritually 'grasp' that which is spoken when it is "a word" that comes from the heart of God.  I believe that many times when we are in a meeting in which an anointed 'word' from our Father is spoken; there is a spiritual impartation of that 'word' to our spirit and that "seed" is planted in us and will bear forth spiritual fruit in its season.  Norman Grubb could and did speak such a word!  I am indeed grateful for the nights that I had the privilege and opportunity to sit in those meetings and to hear those words that were 'planted' within my life at that time.

Little did I know at that time that in approximately two years, I, along with my wife and daughter would be a part of the Christian Literature Crusade (known to many as simply CLC!) and that our apartment would be only a stone's throw from the house where Norman and his wife, Pauline lived as members of Worldwide Evangelization Crusade or better known as "WEC".  It was there that I had the opportunity, along with another brother to pick up brother Norman from the Philadelphia Airport after he returned from one of his trips. How privileged I was to sit in the same car with a man who gave his life to serving others in the Body of Christ and to enjoy a time of fellowship with him as we drove back to the compound that houses both CLC and WEC in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania.

If I recall correctly, Norman was not very tall as height was concerned, but what a giant of a man he was in the spiritual realm.  No one who has ever heard him speak or read any of his writings could not honestly say that they were not spiritually enriched and enlightened, unless God had not specifically granted unto them what Paul the Apostle referred to as "a spirit of wisdom and revelation in  knowledge of Him (Ephesians 1:17). 

To have heard him minister, read a good number of the books he had written and finally, to have had the joy and privilege of meeting him and enjoying a brief time of fellowship with him on our way back from the airport; I count myself to be very blessed of our Father and I am indeed grateful unto Him for bringing Norman into my life.  If I have any regret concerning my acquaintance with Norman, it is that I did not avail myself of the possible opportunities to spend as much time with him during the time my family and I were at Christian Literature Crusade...but for what the Holy Spirit has imparted into my life from brother Norman, I am most thankful.  Indeed, Norman was "a man sent from God" to spiritually enrich the lives of those to whom he ministered the "liberating secret" that many of us have come to appreciate and know experientially..."Not I, but CHRIST", living in us, through us and as us and yet not us, but HIM! 

Much love in Christ,

Bill Oberdorf