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C. T. Studd C.T. Studd

C. T. Studd was Norman’s father-in-law with whom he first went to Africa and whose life-work, Heart of Africa Mission later became Worldwide Evangelization Crusade. Norman and his wife, Pauline, took over at C.T.’s “homegoing”

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Harold Schofield

Dying Harold Schofield Prayed College Grads to China.

William Law

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Walter C. Lanyon  

Rees Howells  

Jacob Boehme

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Søren Kierkegaard  


Norman Grubb was an avid reader.  Following is a quote from one of Norman's personal letters concerning the way he would read followed by a partial list of books that he references in other letters.

I don’t personally dig into all the views and outlooks of all those who “feed” me. I catch gloriously what glows to me, and I tie it back to my Bible and Jesus’ foundations; and it adds vastly to me what my normal Bible teachers never gave me. I suppose we may call this reading dangerous, but I’ve long believed in living dangerously! You might say the same of that Oxford Book of Mystical Verse. Some transcendently glorious things in it; but from others I glean flashes though sometimes (as for instance with Algernon Swinburne who was officially a non-believer) he hasn’t written from a “Christian” point of view.

So, love, I think you must go the way you feel is right. There are those who think it is right to discard any book which is not wholly “sound”, and we may need such to keep us steady – but I go for my reading and feeding to all kinds of pastures; but that is because I have tasted The True Pasture, and can soon discard and detect what does not lead to Jesus.


Wholly for God . . . Andrew Murray
bullet Dore' Lectures . . . Thomas Troward
bullet The Reason Why . . . Laidlaw
bullet Spiritual Torrents . . . Madame Guyon
bullet The Brothers Karamazov . . . Fyodor Dostoevsky
bullet Poems of Robert Browning
bullet The Enneads . . . Plotinus
Oxford Book of Mystical Verse
The Pilgrim Church . . . E. F. Broadbent
Masters of the Far East
Christ in You
The Edinburgh Lectures, The Law and the Word, Bible Mystery and Bible Meaning, The Creative Power of the Individual
The Reason Why . . . Laidlaw
Selected Mystical Writings . . . Stephen Hobhouse
The Following of Christ, The Three Friends of Christ . . . John Tauler
Rational Mysticism, The Spirit of Love, The Spirit of Prayer, The Way to Divine Knowledge, Address to the Clergy . . . William Law
Aurora, The Supersensual Life, The Way to Christ, The Signature of All Things, Mysterium Magnum . . . Jacob Boehme
Concluding Unscientific Postscripts . . . Soern Kierkegaard