Letter and Article to Harold (Brokke) about Ted Hegre

(Original letter typed on WEC Letterhead)


 Office of


 Jackson, Miss.

February 7, 1985

Dear Harold (Brokke)**:

            Well you asked for it and here it is!  I did get a surprise (and privilege).  I had never thought of you asking me to do something.  Actually I am on a tour to and in Texas and just happen to have a spare afternoon.  What I’ve written I’ve only roughly corrected and in my rough typing.  It is really much more on what God has taught us in WEC and me too, rather than about Ted, but it all really links in.  So do what you want with it.  Cut it down, or out, just whatever can speak of Him to folks, and thru Ted.

            Yes, “Touching” (Touching the Invisible) was my baby book and often the best hits the spot!

            But if this is not enough about Ted, just be free and don’t use.  Yes indeed, I’m glad about Stewart (Stewart Dinnen) – top person.

            My love and to you all,


** See website – www.christianliteratureandliving.com  for articles by Pastor Harold Brokke and Ted Hegre)


www.bethanyinternational.org/pdf/BethanyNews-Summer2005.pdf for a history of this Mission and reference to Ted Hegre and Harold Brokke in an article entitled “A Peek into the Past – College and Business: With Eternity’s Values in View”.