Norman in his Geri-Chair with his Nurse Cheryl.

Letter from:


Daniel & Marlene Grubb, Jr.

August, 1993


Dear Friends,


          Our grandfather, Norman sends his love to all of you. His health has been relatively good these days. Recently, we were able to get him outdoors. He has not been outside for about four years. We were able to rent a reclining geriatric chair that is suitable for his arthritic legs and adaptable to the home environment. In fact, he was very comfortable the first time we used it.  A wheel chair, that was tried in the past, would not accommodate his arthritic legs the geri-chair worked out beautifully.


          Grandpa sat outdoors facing the wooded area in his back yard and enjoyed the sight of his great-grandchildren playing. He calls this his “Garden of Eden”. He was most pleased and what a beautiful smile of joy came from his face that day. The simple things in life that many of us take for granted were opened up that day in Ju1y as we were able to touch the heart of our grandfather. God is always revealing His love to us. Enclosed is a picture of grandpa on that very day in July. He has been going outside as the weather allows and as he feels up to it.


          We celebrated grandpa’s birthday quietly at the house with family. He enjoyed visitors throughout the day. God bless all of your goodness and well wishes for our grandfather. God lives in all of you today and forever.




In Christ Jesus,


Dan and Marlene Grubb, Jr.